Meg Phillips, Fitness Instructor & Retro Active Fitness Coach

Meg Phillips

“Exercise is better together.”

I have been an enthusiastic Kelly’s Bootcamp participant since Day 1 and have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this amazing community. As a non-athlete growing up, I love that I am stronger in my 40s than ever, and I have Kelly and KBC to thank for it! While I have been a behind-the-scenes KBC team member for several years, I completed my ISSA Certified Personal Training certification in April 2018 and look forward to coaching and cheering you on to reach your goals!

My favorite clients to coach:
I’ve loved coaching Retro for the past five years! It is a joy to watch our students improve…in strength, balance, and mobility. It has been equally rewarding to watch friendships form and see our Retro crew cheer each other on and support one another in and out of class. Improved health & fitness, connection, and fun! There’s nothing better.


“Meg is great at what she does, makes us move but than that she is empathetic to your limitations. A very pleasant and kind person who makes you feel good.”

Naseema Sait, Retro Member

“It is very helpful when Meg walks through each station checking on each individual’s form. I love her positive energy”

“Meg is a kind and wonderful instructor. As a result, her classes are a great and satisfying workout and I can feel myself getting stronger.”

Meg’s Classes