Jodi Austin, Fitness Instructor & Retro Active Fitness Director

“I love helping others accomplish things that they never thought possible.”

I joined Kelly’s Bootcamp as an extremely deconditioned participant in September 2010, shortly after the birth of my fifth child. Exercising several times a week in this encouraging environment has completely changed my health. I have lost more than 60 pounds and have lowered my body fat by 16%. I have grown to love outdoor exercise and have been working out ever since. Until KBC, I never imagined that I could be someone who could help others improve their health and fitness. While leading several Winter Bootcamp Challenge teams, I grew passionate about helping others make their health and fitness a priority. I joined the KBC Team in 2013 and earned my Personal Training Certification through the National Council for Certified Personal Trainers.

After watching my very strong, active father’s physical health sadly decline after he retired at age 70, it became my mission to help people keep moving no matter what age! In 2017 I earned my Functional Aging Specialist Certification from the Functional Aging Institute and began Retro Active in January 2018. This special population of those over 55 are committed to staying strong and making their health a priority. Growing the program from 5 members to 17 in 5 years has been a dream come true for me because it is that many more lives that have been improved due to exercise.

Senior Fitness ClassMy personal workout philosophy is to get the most out of every workout, leaving everything I have to give ‘on the field’. Likewise, I want to help others attain similar goals physically and mentally. I truly enjoy coaching people of all ages to get better and stronger.

Why I love training/coaching:
My favorite thing about working with the functional aging population is helping them do things they never thought they would do, like balancing on a bosu, jumping on a trampoline, slamming heavy ropes, and jogging across the gym floor. I love when they realize that they are strong!

The type of client that I am best equipped to serve:
I am best equipped to serve clients who don’t have a lot of confidence about exercising, those that may not be particularly fond of exercise, and those who may have limitations to work around. We figure out what we can do (instead of what we cannot), learn to do them well and celebrate our successes. I make exercising fun and functional.

Jodi Training a Retro Active StudentSuccess Stories I am most proud of:

  • My greatest success has been that most of my clients have consistently stuck with the Retro program for five years!
  • One client shuffled his feet and walked hunched over before starting Retro. Within just a few short months, this client walked taller, jogged around the gym, and added at-home exercise to his routine. They now go trail hiking, and his grandchildren have to try to keep up!
  • Another client had battled severe health issues before starting Retro. Her body was weak, she had little flexibility, and her balance was extremely poor. A year later, she is standing on bosus, lunging across the gym, sliding on gliding discs, and continually increasing her weights as she continues getting stronger!


“I have been a Retro Active participant since its inception in January of 2018. This class has encouraged me to find the time and make the commitment to remain physically active and improve my fitness. Since joining Inergy and enrolling in Retro Active I have:

  • Lost over 50 pounds
  • Changed my body composition significantly
  • Been taken off blood pressure meds
  • Balanced my nutrition with the help of the Inergy coaching staff
  • Increased my strength and balance significantly
  • Found a great group of friends who provide encouragement and a level of accountability

Huge credit is deserved by the Inergy coaches that made Zoom workouts a success and got us through Covid! It’s great to be back at the studio experiencing “face to face” encouragement and community.”

Ted, Retro Member

“My entry into an exercise routine came late for me – after retirement and two major health events. The Retro Active program at Inergy is just what the doctor ordered! The environment is welcoming, safe, supportive, empowering and fun. The Retro Active training has awakened long dormant muscles for more strength and flexibility which has given me the confidence to try other classes and survive.”

Bonnie, Retro Member

“Jodi is very professional! She is aware of my physical limitations and makes accommodations to make it work. I enjoy the different activities and like the group.”

Retro Member

“Jodi is an awesome instructor. I was able to talk to her before class about my medical issues and she helped me modify the exercises she was going to do at the stations. She never made me feel rushed or that I was a bother. She took her time to show me.”

KBC Member

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