Jess Connors, Fitness Instructor & Behavior Change Specialist

Jess Connors

“You will never be ready; start anyway.”

“KBC was the first place that felt like home when I moved to Virginia in 2012. When Kelly invited me to “raise the barre” and join the KBC team, I couldn’t have been more excited. Leading Barre classes is a natural way to share my 30+ years of ballet training and performance and my passion for fitness and an active lifestyle. Sharing my lifelong passion for ballet and fitness with this incredible community is a dream come true for this Jersey Girl!”

Behavior Change Specialist
As a NASM Certified Behavior Change Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer, and Licensed Teacher with extensive experience in both fitness and education settings, Jess brings a unique skill set to accountability coaching. Equally comfortable working with children, teenagers, and adults, Jess’s signature “tough love” approach allows participants to feel both challenged and supported as they work toward building new healthy patterns and habits.

Jess will share the real-life tips and strategies she’s developed over the years as she’s navigated ways to successfully balance a full-time career while making time to create two side projects – all while managing a family and maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle.

What is Accountability Coaching?
Accountability coaching is a way to add the “push” you need to take your health and fitness to the next level. As your accountability coach, Jess will provide you with the support, guidance, and positive peer pressure you need to take specific action toward your goals.

  • If you’re feeling a bit complacent or like you’re in a bit of a fitness rut, Jess can help you design an approach and outline specific steps to progress to the next level of fitness.
  • If you’re just starting your journey toward a healthier lifestyle or you feel like you lack consistency, Jess can help you build routines and systems supporting habits such as workouts, meal planning, and a consistent sleep schedule.
  • If you’re looking for direction or support in finding a healthier work or school/life balance or need help establishing wholesome daily routines, Jess can help you establish boundaries around the various areas of your life.

61 Days Group Coaching ProgramFitness Class with Jess
61 Days is two consecutive months. While there is no “magic number” when establishing healthy habits and routines, two months of consistent action has been proven to solidify routines and systems, so they become habits.

Structure and Approach:
Using the Laws of Behavior Change and proven realistic approaches, Jess will support you as you work to let go of habits and systems that aren’t serving you while creating new habits and systems that support your healthy lifestyle.

Beginning with a 60-minute consultation, you and Jess will work together to identify your focus areas.
Your focus areas might include specific fitness goals, establishing a more productive morning or evening routine, meal planning and prepping, or improving your work-life balance.

After talking through details including:

  • Your short-and-long term health and fitness goals
  • Your typical daily routine
  • Your usual approach to eating/meal planning/tracking
  • Your sleep schedule
  • Your current fitness plan

Jess will help you to identify small, manageable changes in your habits and systems that you can start implementing immediately.

Throughout 61 Days, you will meet with Jess for 30 minutes each week – in person or virtually, based on your schedule and preferences – to discuss your progress. During your weekly check-ins, Jess will assign you “homework” in the form of journaling, habit “stacks,” and other research-backed practices to continue supporting your progress toward your goals. In addition to the weekly check-ins, you’ll have access to Jess via text anytime you need support or wish to add another layer of accountability.

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