Erica Collins, Fitness Instructor, Youth Fitness Director, Camp U Coach & Nutrition Coach

Erica Collins

“I believe that being healthy is so much more than how you look. It’s about how you talk to yourself, what you consume, who you surround yourself with, and the energy you give to others.”

I am passionate about helping others achieve their health and fitness goals while developing a positive mindset. My passion for exercise began as a young athlete; I loved to compete, play hard, and win. During high school, I started participating in group fitness classes and really enjoyed the challenge of learning new movements and lifting weights. I saw exercise as a competition with myself and noticed positive changes in how I felt mentally and physically. I had a consistent schedule of my favorite classes and routes to run each week.

After I started a career and as my family grew it became harder to maintain a workout schedule and I noticed how much my brain needed exercise. The times I felt the best were always the times I was consistent with a workout routine. Movement was no longer about competing but about mental health and having the energy to keep up with life’s demands. After the birth of my second child, I completed my ACE Group Fitness Certification and have enjoyed developing programs to reach women who are returning to exercise post-partum, young athletes who want to increase their strength and endurance, and everyday athletes who want to look and feel stronger.

Why I love training and coaching:
I love seeing my clients gain confidence and change their mindsets. At first, they show up to work out, but eventually, they transform how they experience exercising. We focus on exercising to be strong. My clients push themselves beyond their comfort zone and get good at doing hard things.

The type of client I am best equipped to serve:
The type of client I am best equipped to serve is anyone who wants to become stronger, better able to function throughout the day, and improve their mindset through exercise.

NUTRITION COACHING with Erica is $80 for a one-hour session.
Your nutrition coaching plan starts with an InBody body composition assessment and discussion about your nutrition goals, personal food preferences, and obstacles. This information is used to create a nutrition plan specific to your goal; EX: weight loss, muscle gain, and maintenance. You will receive education and tools to help you meet your goal and learn ways to use food to fuel your body for success. Erica will provide accountability to keep you on target and assess your progress. The initial consultation is one hour long and includes 30 days of support to keep you focused and on track.

Email Erica at upon completion of purchase to set up your nutrition consultation.


“Erica is an excellent coach! She is so positive and encouraging to push me a little harder, lift a little bit heavier all the while making sure my form is correct. She is so much fun and I love her classes!! There is something special about all the coaches at KBC! Thank you all for always making me feel welcomed!”

Tina Dempsey, Strength Student

“Erica is a supportive and tough trainer!! I have increased my strength in the few months I have been working with her. She also has great advice, tools, and wisdom to provide on health and training. She is one of the best. I hope she continues CAMP U.”

Kelly Cella, Camp U Student

“She always brings a great workout! Always shows modifications to accommodate everyone in the room, and emphasizes stretching as a major part of recovery. Always love an Erica class.”

Kelly Bronowicz, Strength Class Student

“As a full-time working mom of two littles, I was struggling to prioritize myself and find my way back to my passion for fitness. Erica and her Renew U program helped me find creative ways to carve out time for exercising and held me accountable for meeting my nutrition goals. The results spoke for themselves and gave me the tools to maintain consistent workouts and healthy eating over a year later!”

Sarah Vlasic, Small Group Training

“Erica always has innovative and challenging moves. I always learn something new and love her fun and effective workouts.”

Stephanie Shankles, Strength Class Member

“I love the format of Camp U and the focus on strength training with bursts of HITT for cardio. Erica pushes us outside of our comfort zone while still ensuring all of us modify for the joints/areas of injury stress/strain. The workouts are well planned to maximize the full hour, very focused and intentional planning to work and develop different muscle groups in each class.”

Julie White, Camp U Member

Erica’s Classes