Amy Beyer, Fitness Instructor & Nutrition Coach

Amy Beyer

“Eating and moving well is simple, but that does not make it easy.”

Group fitness is about feeling strong, empowered, relieving stress, and having fun! I try to get participants to “disconnect” for a while and just be present in their workout. One of my favorite things is seeing someone so immersed in what they are doing, that they forget they are working hard! I believe there is a place for everyone at Inergy and I love watching the dynamic of a class takeover the room and spill out into the community.

As a nutrition coach, I am committed to helping people develop a positive relationship with food. My goal is to educate my clients on what healthy eating really looks like on a day-to-day basis and strip away the confusion of the weight loss industry. I don’t promote any “quick fix” diets, sell products, or overly restrict calories. I want to give my clients ways to enjoy simple and delicious foods that fuel their bodies and empower them to enjoy eating without guilt.

I hold professional Fitness Nutrition and Group Exercise Certifications from the International Sports Science Association. In addition, I have a B.A. from the University of Virginia and a M.Ed. from George Mason University. I coach using an integrative approach that balances wellness, fitness & nutrition.


“I’ve been blessed to work with Amy through one-on-one coaching and the Clean & Shred program. Amy keeps it simple by prioritizing a few things to focus on and answering questions as I implement new strategies. I’ve made sustainable changes and increased my knowledge of what my body needs as I age. I am grateful to Amy for teaching me to enjoy nutritious foods, prioritize food preparation and celebrate non-scale victories.”

Deborah T.

“Amy always crushes it. So well organized and a great workout!”

Mike O.

“Food is love to me, so I have a hard time not indulging in the foods that taste good but aren’t good for me. Doing the Clean & Shred classes and having Amy’s coaching this past year has helped me learn how to balance clean eating with little “strategic splurges.” I’ve been able to keep the weight off, and I know what fuels my body the best. Once I realized how bad I felt when I returned to old habits, it made me appreciate the new habits I’ve learned from Amy. She is a great accountability partner – kind, firm, and encouraging.”

Pam M.

So much fun energy. Class just flies by. Great music, great encouragement!! And I love the variety!

Wendi K.

Amy’s Classes