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Retro Active Fitness Class
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Amy Beyer, Nutrition Coaching

I’ve been attending classes since 2015. I’ve never managed to consistently workout like this before, but something just clicked with KBC – Great instructors, great students, fresh air – they are the real deal. My teenage daughter now wakes up early on Saturdays and joins me! I also like that they encourage good nutrition without eliminating fun. Kelly encourages an 80/20 approach. Clean and good 80% of the time. So realistic!!!

Maribeth Bluyus

I’ve been a member at Kelly’s Bootcamp since 2015, and I can’t say enough good things about it. The workouts are phenomenal – they add new formats and change things up so it’s always interesting and fun. When I’m busy with kids or work, I can join in the same workout classes over Zoom which is a great bonus. The coaching programs are an awesome benefit and I’ve learned so much about healthy habits and nutrition. And I love the people – the top-notch instructors and the supportive community! KBC is the best!

Megan Jacoby

Kelly’s Bootcamp aged me backward! I started KBC 7 years back after deciding to do something about my health. I was in the worst shape of my life and working out 1 day a week at a local gym was not working! I started Saturday-only workouts at KBC for a few weeks. That habit stuck with me, and I slowly expanded to working out on weekdays. KBC instructors are amazing, and they keep the workout formats so much fun for everyone! Finally, the KBC community is the best ever and so supportive! Join KBC today!

Prasanna Ram

All IN

109/ month

  • Discounts for School Staff, Military, and Students
  • No contract

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25/ class

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Saturday Bootcamp

119/ quarter

  • Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter
  • Saturdays at 7am or 8am Outside at Dick’s

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79/ month

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#yesyoucan #justshowup #KBC
Dude Camp Challenge!  It's off to a great start!  All four teams have found a way to earn a Point!  Last call for DUDES!  The final roster is being sent out for shirts today! 

What do you have?  Make a $49 donation that gets you a shirt, and show up when you can! 

#dudecamp #kbc #yesyoucan
😎Sweet morning for these ARIES icons! Kristen Davis @prettylady024 has been getting better at Saturday Bootcamp since 2017!  She has earned the respect of the entire community with her kindness, consistency, and elite fitness!  @margerypratt rocked her 58 pushups and lit up the light, showing up as an inspirational bright light perfectly representing everything we strive to be at KBC! 

The future is so bright for anyone who wants to get better in a safe and welcoming space where people cheer for you for showing up!  The best gift all of us Aries can ask for is to let us help you fall in love with the process of becoming fit. 

Believe that anytime is a good time to START!!

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Why should the DUDES have all the fun? 

💪🏽If you want to train to get better,  come to the 6:15pm Complete Fit Class at Inergy tonight. 

➡️Leave on a mission with a purpose! 

🗣️Comment if you will be there!  Leave a ❤️ if you love the Impact Challenge! 

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Great days start and end with @mammaconnors  at barre! #kbc #yesyoucan #juststart
They came to work tonight.  All smiles because it sure does feel good to get better.  #completefit #dothework #yesyoucan #kbc
Late at night in LAX, I hoped to get through 5:15 am STEP—no need to hope when you got your crew. 

100% FUN, brain and body working together feeding off the energy of the best people! 

#stepworkout #stepaerobics #kbc #yesyoucan

The most generous thing you can do as a member of the Kelly’s Bootcamp (KBC) is to step up to be a captain.  Please show some love for these dedicated, hard-working, and inspiring leaders.  In 7 weeks, they have empowered over 100 teammates to embrace healthier lifestyles and contribute over $12,000 in donations to the @dullessouthfp, @bcrfcure, and the Fairfax Pediatric Oncology Unit.

Other priceless gifts include 36 units of blood, visits to senior centers, support and love to 3 of our KBC members fighting cancer, inspirational walks, educational talks and inclusive shout-outs.  They even made me a video of iconic KBC members that have moved away. 

It has to mean something to you.  This 15th Winter Challenge means so much to me and it would not have been possible without these stars.  This is so much more than a body comp challenge but before I post all of our 2024 winners I wanted to share a summary of the body comp achievements of our captains over their time at KBC.  It starts at the TOP!

#KBC #workoutsforacause #communityfitness #gettingbettertogether #greatleadersserve 

11 years with KBC
Lost 23 pounds, gained 10 pounds of smm,  and lost 8% body fat

15 years with KBC
Lost 3% body fat while maintaining weight and skeletal muscle mass over 15 years

Almost 7 years with KBC
Lost 9 pounds, decreased body fat by 5%, gained skeletal muscle mass

15 years with KBC and the Winter Challenge
Lost 71 pounds and 15% body fat without losing skeletal muscle mass

Joined KBC in July 2023
Down 11.8 lbs, gained 1.1 lbs of skeletal muscle mass, body fat down by 8%

15 years with KBC and the Winter Challenge
Lost 5 pounds while maintaining skeletal muscle mass and elite body fat status for 15 years at 5 feet tall, now 58

7 years with KBC
Lost 15 lbs and 4% body fat while maintaining skeletal muscle mass

6 years with KBC
Lost 32 pounds and 9% body fat with minimal skeletal muscle mass loss
Dude Camp!  They make it look easy!  Every day is a great day to get better!

#dudecamp #yesyoucan #gettingbetterwithKBC #KBC
Tough one.  Great work crew!!

#KBC #yesyoucan #stepworkout #stepisfun
I think everyone already knows this, but I have the greatest job in the world! 

I help people show up strong for themselves and each other, do hard things that make them better, age backward, and celebrate whatever part of a beautiful body is working today. 

I was stressed because I had a backlog of beautiful birthday pushups on my phone that I wanted to share.  I love my students so much and am so impressed and in awe of their efforts and the way they support one another. 

Kitch, @humayun7103, @sufoley, @sunithavasam, and @hbmc07, thank you for SHOWING UP and do your best pushups to highlight another year of getting better with KBC.  Your effort and energy are so appreciated, and I think we can all agree that all you Aquarius are strong, independent confident and are great at improving what is already working well! 

PS we have had a ton of bdays this past week, these are just the pushups I personally captured 
#KBC #birthdaypushups #yesyoucan
❤️A HUGE thank you to @myzonemoves, @todddurkin, the 51 participants from the KBC community, and all the IMPACT 31 Challengers! 

🌎We had so much fun being inspired by MEPPERS from across the land. Two lucky KBC students won a Myzone Scale (@bobwells1960 & Dolores), and we all had some laughs with some friendly and fun competition to kick off 2024!  Special shout out to Min @rcmama1015, who emptied the tank to finish in the TOP 10 of this ELITE group! 

I ❤️ the Myzone platform so much because it rewards consistency and effort!  Todd, thank you for making the Challenge more meaningful, encouraging us to text people we are thinking about, and work on habits outside of exercise!

I know I speak for my entire community when I say we are grateful for the IMPACT 31 CHALLENGE and all the effort behind it. 

#gettingbettertogether #KBC #myzonemoves #myzoneisthebest #Impact #motivatesomeone
I cherish memories, particularly those with the Bootcamp Community —some in my life for two decades, while others are recent connections. From the garage and climbing walls to Rocky Run Middle School, remembering moments with my girl Leia and all the OGS!  Team Players did a brilliant job sharing their love for each other and KBC, I adore this video more than words can say.  We are all a work in progress and we will continue to get better together, inviting new friends in along the way!!

#gettingbettertogether #KBC #theplayers #winterchallenge2024