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Retro Active Fitness Class
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Amy Beyer, Nutrition Coaching

I’ve been attending classes since 2015. I’ve never managed to consistently workout like this before, but something just clicked with KBC – Great instructors, great students, fresh air – they are the real deal. My teenage daughter now wakes up early on Saturdays and joins me! I also like that they encourage good nutrition without eliminating fun. Kelly encourages an 80/20 approach. Clean and good 80% of the time. So realistic!!!

Maribeth Bluyus

I’ve been a member at Kelly’s Bootcamp since 2015, and I can’t say enough good things about it. The workouts are phenomenal – they add new formats and change things up so it’s always interesting and fun. When I’m busy with kids or work, I can join in the same workout classes over Zoom which is a great bonus. The coaching programs are an awesome benefit and I’ve learned so much about healthy habits and nutrition. And I love the people – the top-notch instructors and the supportive community! KBC is the best!

Megan Jacoby

Kelly’s Bootcamp aged me backward! I started KBC 7 years back after deciding to do something about my health. I was in the worst shape of my life and working out 1 day a week at a local gym was not working! I started Saturday-only workouts at KBC for a few weeks. That habit stuck with me, and I slowly expanded to working out on weekdays. KBC instructors are amazing, and they keep the workout formats so much fun for everyone! Finally, the KBC community is the best ever and so supportive! Join KBC today!

Prasanna Ram

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  • No contract

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In like a lamb out of like lion!  Mo showed up the lot asking for a sweater 😂 but both Sam & Mo left on 🔥🔥🔥!! So fun to cheer for these hard working athletes on a quest to get better.  I am grateful for their dedication and team spirit!

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Great guys getting better!  They absolutely crushed this workout! 

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Pat posted a picture of his daughter as a Champ, and I stole it to declare that he is our DW Champion of the Month!

Pat joined the KBC Winter Challenge in January and asked to do the DW so he could stay accountable!

 Since he started, he has lost 7% body fat and 27 pounds! 

Pat is a coach and a dad, and he and his wife have been with Loudoun County School for 20 years!  @saramcnanley his beautiful wife, is also a ⭐️ student! 

#smallchangesovertime #KBC
Sweating, do you ❤️ it or hate it?

Please share other benefits!

#sweating #benefitsofsweating #KBC #outdoorworkouts
You are in control of your health.

Focus on what you can do. 

Let’s GO!!

#KBC #bodyandmind #mindsetmatters #gettinghealthy
Dude Camp!  Today’s focus was back and core and, of course, their favorite mobility and cardio!  Next DUDE CAMP Thursday at 5:30 pm!  Get your BINGO card, and let’s get and or stay in shape this summer! 

Guess what one if DUDES said to me after class?

“This is BEST part of my day!”

#KBC #winning #dudecamp #yesyoucan #backandcore #letsgo #alexstrong #dudecamppoints
Question- Best medicine for weight loss, energy and mental toughness?

Answer- Inergy Circuit 

The secret sauce is NIGHT JUICE!!!!

#KBC #gettingbettereveryday gettingbetterwithkbc #showupworkhardgetbetter #teamwork #workforit #worthit #makeithappen #rememberwhyyoustarted
Night juice is legit.  You come in exhausted from a long day and 10 minutes, it kicks in and you are feeling energized! 

What’s the best time of day to work out? 

The time you do it!

#kbc #zonetraining #circuittraining #letsgo
Coach Erica could not get over how strong and determined these girls were today!  Girls described the class as invigorating!  Sounds like a match!!! Let's GO!!!!

#KBC #highschoolstrengthandconditioning #strongsummer #invigorating
Happy Father’s Day!  Cheers to all the dads in the KBC community that take the time to train so that they can be better at everything else.  We 💙 our dads and are super impressed with the number of hats that they wear and all that they do for their families. 

#KBC #Dudecamp #workoutsthatwork #strongmen
So many secrets revealed!! 

 Give a man a 🐟 and  he will eat for a day,  teach him how to 🐟and he'll EAT forever!!

Chandrika has on numerous occasions delivered this addicting superfood called salsa to me with love, and NOW I have the recipe and can share the love! 

I have made this salsa 4 times in one week.  I thought it would be too spicy for the family but unfortunately I was wrong and I have to keep up with the demand and the fact that it doubles as a cold soup 😂

Side note - no cumin 
secret- the broiling and 🧄 

Tomatoes(4) , 
garlic ( 4 to 5 ) , 
onions I use what I have - )mostly either red or yellow) ,
jalapeños - 4 to 5
Adobe peppers - only one
I broil my ingredients for a bit and pulse them
While pulsing I add cilantro 
And squeeze lime
Add salt accordingly 
I would love to get you some 😍

#realfoodfast #bestsalsa #kbc
#gettingbetterwithkbc #showupworkhardgetbetter #teamwork #workforit #worthit #makeithappen #rememberwhyyoustarted #betterthanyesterday  #getwhatyoucamefor #nevergiveup #showup #KBC
#KBC #grouptraining #fightclub
What’s the best program?  The one you do!  Consistency is KING when it comes to reaching your fitness goals. 

This CARDIO class is a GAMECHANGER for aspiring athletes and average joes that want to up their game. 

This quote from working mom Terri Barnett is what we all have to remember when choosing between night juice and going home to get worse. 

“Hi Kelly - just wanted to thank you for such a great class tonight. I had a pretty stressful day at work and almost didn’t come to class. So glad I did, I left feeling so much better. Thank you!“

#KBC #workoutsthatwork #zonetraining #yesyoucan #getwhatyoucamefor