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Retro Active Fitness Class
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Amy Beyer, Nutrition Coaching

I’ve been attending classes since 2015. I’ve never managed to consistently workout like this before, but something just clicked with KBC – Great instructors, great students, fresh air – they are the real deal. My teenage daughter now wakes up early on Saturdays and joins me! I also like that they encourage good nutrition without eliminating fun. Kelly encourages an 80/20 approach. Clean and good 80% of the time. So realistic!!!

Maribeth Bluyus

I’ve been a member at Kelly’s Bootcamp since 2015, and I can’t say enough good things about it. The workouts are phenomenal – they add new formats and change things up so it’s always interesting and fun. When I’m busy with kids or work, I can join in the same workout classes over Zoom which is a great bonus. The coaching programs are an awesome benefit and I’ve learned so much about healthy habits and nutrition. And I love the people – the top-notch instructors and the supportive community! KBC is the best!

Megan Jacoby

Kelly’s Bootcamp aged me backward! I started KBC 7 years back after deciding to do something about my health. I was in the worst shape of my life and working out 1 day a week at a local gym was not working! I started Saturday-only workouts at KBC for a few weeks. That habit stuck with me, and I slowly expanded to working out on weekdays. KBC instructors are amazing, and they keep the workout formats so much fun for everyone! Finally, the KBC community is the best ever and so supportive! Join KBC today!

Prasanna Ram

All IN

99/ month

  • Discounts for School Staff, Military, and Students
  • No contract

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25/ class

  • Single class or 5 classes for $100
  • Choose from any class

Saturday Bootcamp

119/ quarter

  • Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter
  • Saturdays at 7am or 8am Outside at Dick’s

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69/ month

  • Online access to 25+ classes
  • No contract
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👀Looking for 10 males and 10 females under 25 to take the KBC Summer Challenge!

📋We will help you set a goal and stay on track no matter where your travels take you!

☀️Everything is brighter when you are feeling fit!

#summerfitness #getinshapethissummer #gettingbetterwithkbc #yesyoucan #KBC
Saturday Bootcamp Sampler Style!

Two first timers and they promised to be back!

#saturdayboktcamp #KBC #outdoorworkouts
We are coming for you Saturday Bootcamp!! 

A little less adventure, but plenty of work out!!!

7 am & 8 am

Come get some energy!

#KBC #outdoorworkouts #yesyoucan #grouptraining #kbchelmetlovers
🔨Nailed it. 

⏰ When can we do this again?

Shout out to some new step friends and the zoomers at home and in hotels! 

#unstoppable #yesyoucan #gettingbetterwithkbc #athleticstep #stepworkout #KBC
Points were flying!  Now that I see the replay, I might need to reconsider.  The grey team got disqualified for not going over the dot, and the green team was deemed the winner, yet it appears Mike finished without his glide 😂

Let me know what you think. 

#KBC #Dudecamp #yesyoucan #funworkouts #creativecardio
What if I told you this all one workout?  They said they liked adventure! Here you go, beautiful and strong.  WE ARE!
#outdoorworkouts #bootcampworkout #yesyoucan #funworkouts #KBC #letsgo
💙Do what you love.  I am really enjoying coaching these guys for a lot of reasons but here are today's top 3.
1️⃣They show up, do what they can and don't worry about what they can't.

2️⃣ The dudes are extremely coachable and I see them getting better week after week. 

3️⃣ We are training for a cause and I know if I help them get stronger physically and mentally, they will be better at EVERYTHING else. 

#dudecamp #alexstrongfoundation #KBC #funworkoutsthatwork ##circuittrainingformen #workouts
Dude Camp is about showing up and getting better!  The very best in town!!

Can't wait to train to get better and have fun on Thursday!

#Dudecamp #Alexstrong #Fightcancer #testicularcancerawareness #KBC
🔥Core finisher circuit style! 

3 students (HS & Middle school) showed up for Saturday Bootcamp at 7am!

Criteria for Saturday
☑️show up
☑️do your best
☑️willing to feel good all day 

#KBC #gettingbetterwithKBC #Saturdaybootcamp #yesyoucan #outdoorworkouts
🌟April DW Member of the Month Christine Kerr🌟

👀If you see this LEGEND tell her congratulations! 🏅

Christine has LOST 4% body fat since Jan and 13 pounds! 

‼️ All while maintaining Skeletal Muscle Mass🎉🎉🎉🎉

🔽Trending down every month 🔥

💪She has increased her weights to 20 pounds and has. Deleted soda!!!!!

Christine is a coach’s dream!  Consistent, hardworking, deliberate, honest, and fun!

She is definitely a LOTLETE, but you will find her at all kinds if workouts!!!

 #gettingbetterwithkbc #thedw #memberofthemonth #kbc #bodyfatloss #smm #yearlongaccountability
Grateful.  Talk about a gift from the universe.  Yesterday, I received a text from a client that I have had the honor to coach for the past 11 plus years that she would like to come in at 6:43 am on April 6th to do her 60 Bday pushups together.  Our bday triplet @oxendinenicky, who is out of the country, also came on Zoom, NOT to do her pushups 😂 more on that later. 

It felt exhilarating to coach Nora through her last reps as she proudly tackled 60 pushups.  Watching her shake to get the last one in was life-changing.  That may sound dramatic, but it is never just a pushup.  It's that hard thing that you don't know if you have the strength to do it, but you find a way.  By doing so, you inspire others, and they, in turn, can find a way to do the hard. 

Nora is not a client. She is more like a sage to the KBC community.  She is a brilliant writer with depth and perspective that causes anyone lucky enough to be on her path to laugh, learn and grow. 

Nora, Nicky, and I happen to share a birthday week with @drmayaangelou and her famous quote -

“When you learn, teach. When you get, give.”

Is the perfect summary of how I am feeling right now. 

Find your people and this becomes easy.

#birthdaypushups #60andstrong #gettingbetterwithkbc #kbc
Best 60 minutes of your life!  Or in Chip’s case 30 😂

April 1st 2023 wind, rain and humor!!!

We had a great 🥜 & 🍒 warm up!  Smiles were popping!

Starting a new quarter, I lined them on the corner.  I shared that I had created a new route for the time mile.  Your best is always good enough, I reminded the troops. 

What came next was 🚀! 

April Fools 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 

I nailed it!!!

Whatever we did after that was fun and easy!!!!!!

#kbc #yesyoucan #aprilfoolsday #windandrain #outdoorworkouts
couldn't resist this highlight reel IG made for me!! Highlight is right!!!!!!

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