Kelly Young Training at Bootcamp
Retro Active Fitness Class
Kelly Young Training at Bootcamp
Retro Active Fitness Class
Kelly Young Training at Bootcamp
Group Fitness
Amy Beyer, Nutrition Coaching

I’ve been attending classes since 2015. I’ve never managed to consistently workout like this before, but something just clicked with KBC – Great instructors, great students, fresh air – they are the real deal. My teenage daughter now wakes up early on Saturdays and joins me! I also like that they encourage good nutrition without eliminating fun. Kelly encourages an 80/20 approach. Clean and good 80% of the time. So realistic!!!

Maribeth Bluyus

I’ve been a member at Kelly’s Bootcamp since 2015, and I can’t say enough good things about it. The workouts are phenomenal – they add new formats and change things up so it’s always interesting and fun. When I’m busy with kids or work, I can join in the same workout classes over Zoom which is a great bonus. The coaching programs are an awesome benefit and I’ve learned so much about healthy habits and nutrition. And I love the people – the top-notch instructors and the supportive community! KBC is the best!

Megan Jacoby

Kelly’s Bootcamp aged me backward! I started KBC 7 years back after deciding to do something about my health. I was in the worst shape of my life and working out 1 day a week at a local gym was not working! I started Saturday-only workouts at KBC for a few weeks. That habit stuck with me, and I slowly expanded to working out on weekdays. KBC instructors are amazing, and they keep the workout formats so much fun for everyone! Finally, the KBC community is the best ever and so supportive! Join KBC today!

Prasanna Ram

All IN

99/ month

  • Discounts for School Staff, Military, and Students
  • No contract

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Pay As You Go

25/ class

  • Single class or 5 classes for $100
  • Choose from any class

Saturday Bootcamp

119/ quarter

  • Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter
  • Saturdays at 7am or 8am Outside at Dick’s

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69/ month

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Love to see these guys laughing and having fun after a great workout!

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None of these guys thought they wanted to do group fitness training!  Just do it! 

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The workout is in the process of learning.  I always show the end but there is much joy and effort in getting to the final combo!! Great work out for your mind, body and soul.  Shout to my students that embrace the learning curve and keep showing up to get better. 

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@fuegovibz is this happening tonight?

These girls are showing up and doing the work to get better!  @ecollins2208 says training these athletes is the highlight of her week and I can totally see why! 

Class meets Thursday nights at 7:30pm at Inergy! 

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Training for something big called life.  Another new guy today!  If you are looking to get in shape for life, we have your ticket.  Spring Challenge starts 4/1 plenty of time to get in before and try a class to see if it is for you. 

incredible job today guys -start to finish!!

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Looking for Spring Bootcampers!!!

Do you like rainbows, pots of gold, fun people, good music, and getting better?

If you said yes to any of those, we want you!

Sound good but not ready for the outside YET? 

Come train at one if our 35+ Inergy classes!!!

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Lisa Peters is an original.  From Olympus to Zoom and all the in-between, she has been an avid hater of KBC for many years!

Lisa and I have a running joke about who is the worst business women because we both care more about delivering quality service and making people happy than we do about making money but guess what???

We are both still in business, serving our community, and out of all the people that I have done business with over the years, she is a clear favorite.  We make each other laugh, she puts me in my place, and we have a love language that could only be possible with genuine affection. 

Happy Birthday, LP!! Thank you for the countless projects you have done for KBC.  You started off pretty great, but you just keep getting better!!

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What does “Cardio” mean? We recently changed our class descriptions to make them more generic.  That doesn't mean less fun!  Cardiovascular training typically uses large muscle groups and is rhythmic.  Our goal is always to move you in as many directions as possible and to use equipment that allows students to get their heart rate up with less impact.  #grouptraining #cardioclass #heartratetraining #aerobic #Kbc
Dude Camp.  The guys emptied the tank today.

Special guest @zackang13 

✔️steel hose warmup and muscle activation 
✔️6 -4 minute circuits (metabolic & functional strength)
✔️ tic tac toe gone bad and breaking of equipment 

Spring Ahead to get better!  DMGB Dude Camp Challenge starting SOON!  Looking for a few Dudes that believe bo matter your current circumstances, doesn't matter, get better!!

#kbc #dudecamp #alexstrong #dudecampchallenge
You don't have to be fit.  No athletic history is required.  EveryBODY is an athlete at KBC.  Inside, outside or in your home, let us show YOU how great you really are.  #kbc #yesyoucan  #wewanttohelp #kbclovesnewpeople
My students come to work.  I recently learned in an epic @fitfighter certification that no matter what your level o is, there is always an opportunity to level up.  I love my students that show up to get better.  Saturday Bootcamp is the best example.  #kbc #icametowork #showupworkhardgetbetter #yesyoucan
You got to want it.  #kbc #dothework #easydoesn’tmakeyoubetter