Spring Bootcamp is open for enrollment!  The cost for the session is $80 for all of the Saturday classes (7am and 8am) through June 13th,   Click on workshops to enroll!

Weekday classes are ongoing.  You may purchase a block of 10 classes for $50 and schedule them as you wish.

If you would like to sign up for monthly unlimited ($40 for all weekday classes) click on online store, underneath you will see a button that says  contracts.   You may start and stop this at anytime on the mindbody site.  

"Kelly's classes give me physical strength and her spirit gives me mental strength.  I couldn't run one assessment lap when I started Bootcamp in Summer of 2012.  I trained to run my first 5K last fall and while I was running I could hear her voice in my head "come on legs!" and "you can do anything for a minute".  Bootcamp has given me courage to try new things (like running) and a passion for exercise that never existed before I met Kelly."    Leslie Boisvert