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Results oriented workouts that will make you feel great physically and mentally.
Please feel free to explore this site. It is here that you will find Bootcamp Class Information,
Bootcamper Success Stories and More!
 If you live near Chantilly, VA come try your first class for FREE!
We meet at the East Gate Park Lot on the side of Harris Teeter.


Option #1 Fall  Bootcamp- purchase  Bootcamp under workshops and come to as many Saturdays as your schedule will allow through December 27th. These Saturday sessions are designed to work every muscle in your body and burn up to 1000 calories in one hour.  The session begins Sept 6th.

Cost is $85 with EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT (before August 18th)

How to sign up-go to or create an account on mindbody and click on workshops - choose a home session of 7am and 8am* you may switch as needed 


Option 2 Unlimited weekday classes 

Your month begins on your day of purchase and you can attend as many weekday classes as your schedule will allow. You may cancel the monthly option at any time.

Cost is $40 a month

How to sign up- click on online store- under that you will see a bar that includes the contracts option-click on contracts and choose the unlimited weekday classes option 

* if you are doing Summer- do not have your unlimited start until September 1st 

 *for those that struggle with signing in for class- THIS OPTION IS FOR YOU!

* if you do unlimited you become a member and are no longer have to sign in when you want to attend class



Option 3 Weekday Classes

This option is for those that only want to attend weekday classes and sign in each time you come to the LOT.  You may buy a block of 10 classes for $50 and schedule them however you wish.  If you choose this option, you MUST sign up for class in advance by clicking the sign up button. 


* Go to the online store What kind of Series or Membership would you like? choose weekday classes  Click the sign up button for the classes that you would like to attend 

"Kelly's classes give me physical strength and her spirit gives me mental strength.  I couldn't run one assessment lap when I started Bootcamp in Summer of 2012.  I trained to run my first 5K last fall and while I was running I could hear her voice in my head "come on legs!" and "you can do anything for a minute".  Bootcamp has given me courage to try new things (like running) and a passion for exercise that never existed before I met Kelly."    Leslie Boisvert