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Welcome to Kelly's Bootcamp!
We offer a variety of result-oriented fitness classes and small group training classes to individuals of all fitness levels who are looking to improve their cardiovascular endurance, increase strength, and look, feel, and function better every day.

Kelly's Bootcamp is unique in that we offer both indoor and outdoor fitness training opportunities. INERGY, o
ur NEW indoor training facility, is conveniently located in South Riding and offers a wide range of training and wellness opportunities, including circuit training, express workouts, yoga, Barre, nutrition services, and InBody testing. Our goal is to create an environment with ever changing and evolving workouts that allow you to experience what getting fit and strong is supposed to feel like.
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Summer Pricing Options
Click here to find out more information about our $99 Student Special PLUS other pricing options for those looking to try out KBC and Inergy for the summer.

Summer Bootcamp
Looking for a commitment that challenges your limits, pushes you to your potential and leaves you wanting more week after week? Our Saturday bootcamp program tests you both mentally and physically. Go beyond everyday training and experience a class that provides you with cardio workouts designed to take your fitness level to the next step.
Summer Bootcamp session dates: 6/10/2017 - 9/2/2017 (7 & 8 a.m. class times)

Where you can find us:

KBC Outdoor Classes

East Gate Marketplace Shopping Center

Capital One Bank parking LOT

25401 Eastern Marketplace Plaza

Chantilly, VA 20152


43083 Peacock Market Plaza, Suite 120

South Riding, VA 20152

Get Directions To:
25401 Eastern Marketplace Plaza
Chantilly VA 20152
43083 Peacock Market Plaza Suite 120 INERGY
South Riding VA 20152