Here’s what people are saying…

What can I say? Kelly Young provides an affordable priced alternative to the impersonal chain health club. If you have drive – Kelly and her crew will give you all the tools and support to achieve your goals. And the Bootcamp Community is second to none. Come join us, we are fun!

Sarah Forrest

Kelly is truly the best of the best!!! INERGY has my highest recommendation!

Neal Kravitz

KBC has been a game changer and a life changer for me. That’s all you need to know.

Bob Wells

Rather than hear my opinion on KBC…come out to the Lot at 5:45 AM on a 10 degree morning and see all of us working out. We wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t amazing!

Julie Callens

The best! Always different and challenging in a good way. Very friendly and encouraging environment.

Mary Khattak

You commit yourself, and Kelly and team will create MAGIC for you!!!! Many obstacles are going to come, but just ignore and look toward your goal. And it will happen, IT WILL HAPPEN! Love you Kelly and team!!!!

Shinee Mahapatra

Kelly’s Boot Camp is nothing short of incredible! I have lost 21lbs in 12 weeks attending this bootcamp and eating healthy. Kelly encourages each individual, she does not subscribe or preach a “plan,” rather she teaches thru example and helps you find a plan that works for your needs. She puts a lot of time in coming up with unique classes every day of the week. After 4 months, I am still shocked to see a new move at each and every class I attend. At $5 (or less) per class you simply can not beat the value and results you will get from attending KBC! Her summer format is all-inclusive and I have enjoyed building more and more of her classes into my routine. She is also incredibly generous to the community! 5 Stars… is just not enough!

Melissa P.