Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition Coach: Amy Beyer, CNS

As a nutrition & fitness coach, I am committed to helping people develop a positive relationship with food and achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle through fitness & nutrition.

My background in sports and fitness, both as a college athlete and group fitness devotee, made me passionate about the power that fitness has to transform lives. I have always felt at my best, mentally & physically, when I am actively engaged in regular and consistent exercise! KBC melds all of my favorite components of fitness (being outside, great people, fun music & dynamic workouts)! As an instructor, I thrive on the energy and camaraderie that is created when people feel strong, capable and successful.

While I have been regularly involved in exercise most of my life, I used to consume a lot of foods that weren’t the best for my body. They were heavily processed, quick fixes, and full of ingredients I could barely pronounce. After my son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2013, I began learning how his body handled foods and started making small changes at home. I cut back on processed food and refined sugars in favor of more whole foods that I knew were nourishing and energizing. Over the course of the next 2 years, I continued to replace packaged foods and frequent eating out with choices that were more natural and nutrient-dense. Since then, I’m continually learning about nutrition and what our bodies need daily to feel balanced and energized.

My goal is to share what I have learned and strip away the confusion of the weight loss industry. I don’t promote any diets, sell any products or overly restrict calories. I want to give my clients ways to enjoy simple and delicious foods that fuel their body and empower them to enjoy eating without guilt.

I hold a professional certification in Fitness Nutrition and Group Exercise from the International Sports Science Association. In addition, I have a B.A. from the University of Virginia and a M.Ed. from George Mason University. I look forward to continuing to coach and educate using an integrative approach that balances wellness, fitness & nutrition.

INergy Nutrition Focus 

Making lasting nutrition changes that complement your lifestyle and body type can be confusing and overwhelming. Sometimes what seems normal to you may not be the best approach. Knowing what, when, and how much to eat are key to setting yourself up for successful body composition change. We will focus on 3 key takeaways that will make the biggest difference for you. All participants will complete a brief pre-consultation intake form (link found in purchase receipt) prior to the session to allow us to maximize our time to focus on individual coaching.

Nutrition Focus
Cost:   $79 Member (60 minutes)

Nutrition Focus
Cost:   $109 Non-Member (60 minutes)

Workshops Offered

Contact Amy Beyer to book a workshop for your group.

Here’s what Amy’s clients say…

There were several major decisions that contributed to my mental and physical transformation, but for me the nutritional coaching was the ultimate game changer. I had been consistently working out at the lot for nearly a year (3x per week) and while I could feel the difference in my attitude, energy, strength and endurance—the scale was not moving. Every assessment Kelly threw at me resulted in a new PR, but I wanted the same kind of results on the scale too. I filled my clothes better, more solidly, but I still filled the same clothes. During my first meeting with Amy, she identified three major opportunities to assist my weight loss goals and build lifestyle changing habits. These things were not all easy, but they were simple and few. The one on one, custom tailored feedback also helped give me multiple targets to aim for as opposed to a list of “don’ts” or “no’s”—this was a huge psychological shift for me. I never felt like I was depriving myself of anything (including my precious wine and dessert). Instead, I had multiple goals so I even if I had drinks or a piece of pie, I could still be successful against my macro goals, or specific nutrient goals on any given day. It’s been a recipe for success and has changed my entire mindset on nutrition and exercise. Hooking up with Amy as a dedicated boot camper really helped me see how powerful the relationship is between what your give your body and what it can then do for you in return. The more I stuck to my various nutrition goals, the better I performed at the lot and more results I saw on the scale and in the fitting room—each venue fueling my drive and success in the other. Amy’s program was educational and reinforced accountability. I started with Amy Memorial Day weekend, by the end of the summer, I’m now down 20 lbs and 5% body fat! Everyone should do this! It’s the gift to yourself that keeps on giving!!

Gretchen Comey

I signed up for nutrition coaching this summer without being entirely sure what I would get from it. Turns out I’ve gotten (and lost) a lot! Working with Amy has helped me figure out how to fuel my body, especially while training for a marathon, and it has kept me accountable for achieving my goals. I’ve seen a drop in my weight and body fat, I’ve put on muscle, and I’m feeling so much more confident in my body and in my training. My favorite part of the program is that there’s no dieting or making drastic changes that are unsustainable, it’s about making healthy choices. I’m eating real food and finding the right balance of nutrients to nourish my body in order to meet my personal goals. Amy has helped me change the way that I think about my body and food and that’s something that will last a lifetime!

Mollie Berg

In the spring of 2016, I decided to contact Amy Beyer for nutrition guidance and I am so glad I did! I had been attending Bootcamp for 2 years and was definitely building stamina and strength, but I was constantly feeling tired and having sugar cravings throughout each day. Amy took the time to go over my health history, my current lifestyle habits, and my measurements. From there we established reasonable nutrition goals for me to work towards. I learned the power of food logging, food portions that are appropriate for my body, and the importance of protein. In addition, Amy provided me with strategies and tools to make it easy for me to attain my goals. With her support, I achieved the balance I was searching for!

Kerry Diaz

I’ve had the privilege of working with Amy Beyer this year. Amy has filled me with a knowledge of health and nutrition that I’ve never had before. I have attended many of Amy’s nutritional workshops, participated in her accountability groups and have worked with her one on one. Her sessions are extremely affordable and worth every minute of your time. Amy has taught me valuable knowledge of how to successfully lose weight, gain energy and be all around healthier by eating real food! Amy’s inspiring nutrition guidance in addition to Kelly’s Bootcamp will truly make you the healthiest version of you!

Geri Weidner